About Us

PCI Design Group, Inc. (PCI) is an affiliate of Woda Cooper Companies, Inc., headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. PCI specializes in single- and multi-family housing projects for families and seniors. We focus on new construction, historic renovations and rehabilitations, and retrofits. We place emphasis on sustainable design, durability, and affordability. Our projects frequently comply with either LEED for Homes or Enterprise Green Communities. PCI has been in business since 1997, and has completed over 400 projects, located in 13 states throughout the United States.



Efficient and intimate living space are increasingly popular. Our multi-family developments are right at the heart of their communities.


Senior Housing

A project’s direction is steered by the lifestyles of its audience. Our senior housing projects ensure their residents are in healthy, comfortable, and easy to navigate spaces.


Historic Rehab

PCI works to revitalize historic buildings in the midwest. Our projects have helped repurpose schoolhouses, industrial buildings, and former residences.


Single Family

PCI values the importance of space and independence for individuals and families. Our single family projects strive to make a residence feel like home.

Successful design is built on strong relationships

PCI Design Group works in partnership with Woda Cooper and its other affiliates to bring projects from concept to completion.  See their projects